Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say Wah?

I am a sucker for clever ads and when I saw this sign today, I had to pull over.
The store is called The Mix.  Inside the offerings were definitely a mix.

Mostly gaudy accessories from model homes,  you know the look, a few sofa sets, and awful painted metal sculptures.  There was a room of asian antiques.  I am no connoisseur of asian antiques but I could see how they would be a good option for your flat screen.  Here are a few of the ones I liked

the tag read: Origin:  Gansu  circa: 1900  price: $920

They seem kinda pricey to me, but what do I know? As I said, I am sucker for good advertising and had to check it out.  I was drawn to the most rustic pieces, but perhaps you would like the more ornate? What are your feelings on asian antiques?  Explore them and get back to me.  I did find this water color that I liked very much, but since I am idiot, and don't know how to turn the flash off on my camera you will have a hard time seeing it.

It would look good in my bedroom.