Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Idea: Cruelty Free Rugs

I occasionally eat meat.  But I don't like to know it is meat.  I like a good McNugget or a Chicago Dog now and then.  But I won't eat meat with bones or skin.  Ever.  I know it is weird.  I also occasionally wear leather.  But not fur.  Call me a hypocrite.  I like fish and eggs.  But I support PETA, sometimes.

When a fellow blogger recently asked what trends we would like to see disappear in 2010 , my immediate response was ANTLERS and taxidermy.  But I forgot to add Zebra rugs.  Again, just too obviously a previous animal for me.  I know, I know, leather couches were animals, but they don't scream POACHER when you walk in a room.  (FYI my couch is cotton.)

So when I saw these rugs at Atelier Abigail Ahern today, I was smitten.  It's the Chik Nugget of rugs.



  1. LOVE them!! i saw them too recently and was like, OH HELL YEAH!!!!
    but as the owner of a cowhide i am totally STILL in love with, i know the beauty of it's subtle creaminess in my living room. the texture it provides cannot be matched with a rug that is the shape of a cow or zebra rug but minus the furriness.

  2. so GoogleAds throws up an ad for cowhide rugs on my blog. ironic.

  3. How cool! Great idea for a kids room.

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