Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get Slim in 2010

galley house exterior front
galley house interior living room table

galley house interior portrait hanging from stairs

galley house interior portrait playing with toys from above

galley house exterior ivy garage with boys on fence

galley house interior kitchen portrait mother

galley house interior kitchen from second floor

galley house interior master bedroom

galley house exterior backyard from above


I found this nifty little number on today.  I love how they squeezed it in this tiny lot.  The owners loved the neighborhood and made it work.  The lot is only 16ft wide, yet the house feels roomy and light even though they could not put windows on the sides.  The decor is kind of spare for me (rugs, art anyone?) But the backyard makes me woozy, and I am currently obsessed with warm wood tones with cool paint colors like the chair in the bedroom.  Mostly I admire the ingenuity.  What do you think?

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