Saturday, April 30, 2011

we are nice folks

yesterday I witnessed junior high girls in Minnesota
squealing and crying over videos of the royal wedding

that's kinda how I feel about this house
and it's owner

it's about to be already all over the sphere

 but for good reason


it's another great example of
my favorite

and she is a midwesterner
and this to say about us:

Designer Amy Butler says," today's increasingly globalized world, it's becoming more and more difficult to either hide from - or reinvent - mass consumer culture. Let's just say we Midwesterners choose what works, and only what works, and leave the rest behind. That's why we're the ultimate test market, and why merchants and marketers proclaim "if it doesn't play in the heartland, it won't play". I consider "Midwest" as an honest, approachable, easy style of personal vision."

yeah what she said.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I will not

I will not blog about the wedding

I will not blog about the wedding 

I will not

Oh bloody hell

I have to say something

I'm jealous of England

while our country is viciously divided
between left and right

the Brits put politics aside
and love their Royals

I thought the thousands of screaming people 
watching the wedding procession and pageantry
was the real story

their message being
this is where our true loyalty lies

not with left or right
labour or conservative

 but in America
we don't agree on anything

except that Kate is hot

ps: my daughter is marrying Harry
so hands off

Thursday, April 28, 2011

time and space

horrible photo of 1/2 a painting

other half of nice painting

for your birthday
I would like to give you time

to paint me more pretty pictures 
like the ones above

instead of others people's walls
although I appreciate you doing that

and space

like this

ok this one is more officey
but look at that couch
I knew you would like it

instead I just got you those stupid shoes

happy birthday mr appletree

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

where to turn?

with signs of the apocalypse hitting our inboxes daily
where do you turn for comfort?

do you have a space in your home
 set aside for meditation or prayer?

these are pretty

mine looks more like this

but that's another problem for another day

in lieu of a room in my house
I'm thinking more 
of a symbol to carry with me

around my neck

I don't surf but it's still cute

how bout you?

what comforts you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


are you over the scandinavian vibe?

not me

I don't think I ever will be

I feel like I should grow up and get a little more trad

but then I see this neon green door and want it badly

and I will paint a floor white one day

and I love a messy braid in my hair

so I guess I am hopeless
I might never grow up


Monday, April 25, 2011

admit it

you watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie last night

I did.

It was super cheesy/super awesome

I love the scene where she remakes the abandoned warehouse
into a warm inviting classroom

Just like I loved every Little House on the Prairie book
where ma turns a dirt hole 
into a lovely home

just like I love all the before and afters 
on all your blogs

and just like I loved the apartment in
Love and Other Drugs

those warehouse windows get me every time though


did you see me on Desire to Inspire today???

yay me!

it was a perfect day

this beautiful courthouse 
is where my grandfather worked for 40 years
as a county treasurer

yesterday it was the site 
of our family Easter egg hunt
 4 generations of us
laughing and running
and enjoying the first warm weather here in a long long time

my grandpa is still dapper
and giving golf lessons to my nephew

talk of the Royal Wedding
brought out hats from past family weddings
here mom models her Jackie pillbox from 1968

I ate too much
drank too much
and threw away 2 solids weeks worth
of running and yoga
but it was totally worth it

thanks to my aunt and uncle 
who hosted us all
it was a perfect day

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have a happy day

how Easter eggs are made

You know

sprinkle bake

regular readers know how I feel about bread and chocolate

with chocolate sauce got my attention

this would be a good place
to feed it to me

india piedaterre

Friday, April 22, 2011

make it a Good Friday


Mack: Mom why do they call it Good Friday if it is the day Jesus died?

Me: Can I get back to you on that?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Speaking of that

living in Sweden that is

did you know that Ikea has limited edition items
that are only available at a few of their stores 
in southern Sweden?

I really really need this chair
actually 2 of them
they only made 432
and you have to go to one of the chosen stores

in Sweden

but wouldn't they look great on my patio?
do I have any readers in Sweden yo?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bigger is better

12 inch planks are good

can anyone tell me where to get a floor like this?

18 inchers are even better

do you have to live in Sweden to have one?

I was looking forward

I was so looking forward to styling up my new patio this weekend

 I don't like matchy matchy patio sets

but it doesn't matter

because I woke up to this AGAIN today

but still
I'm planning a big hedge 
and a decorative fence for the right side
some pretty shrubs along the street side
and lots of beer and wine drinking 
on here soon

scouring craigslist 
and ebay for furniture pieces
and also reworking some things we have
if it is ever spring here
I will invite you all to join me