Thursday, April 28, 2011

time and space

horrible photo of 1/2 a painting

other half of nice painting

for your birthday
I would like to give you time

to paint me more pretty pictures 
like the ones above

instead of others people's walls
although I appreciate you doing that

and space

like this

ok this one is more officey
but look at that couch
I knew you would like it

instead I just got you those stupid shoes

happy birthday mr appletree


  1. does mr. appletree get a rainbow cake?

    (...and shoes are never stupid in my book.)

  2. yeah, never stupid shoes. unless they are really stupid he needs corrective shoes bc his brain can't tell his feet how to move right so he walks with a gait.

  3. awww happy bday to the mister.
    sorry the habs couldn't pull it off last night!

  4. I know these gifts are meant for the Mister, but perhaps he wouldn't notice if I snagged just one or two of those fabulous studio spaces...