Saturday, April 30, 2011

we are nice folks

yesterday I witnessed junior high girls in Minnesota
squealing and crying over videos of the royal wedding

that's kinda how I feel about this house
and it's owner

it's about to be already all over the sphere

 but for good reason


it's another great example of
my favorite

and she is a midwesterner
and this to say about us:

Designer Amy Butler says," today's increasingly globalized world, it's becoming more and more difficult to either hide from - or reinvent - mass consumer culture. Let's just say we Midwesterners choose what works, and only what works, and leave the rest behind. That's why we're the ultimate test market, and why merchants and marketers proclaim "if it doesn't play in the heartland, it won't play". I consider "Midwest" as an honest, approachable, easy style of personal vision."

yeah what she said.


  1. that's exactly what my house would look like if I could afford to furnish it and hire a gardener.

  2. Beautiful. We lived in Chicago for three years and she is right... approachable (and nice) people.