Sunday, May 27, 2012

self reflection

This weekend I learned:

I feel lonely at parties

I like to plan them however

If you don't stuff your feelings with food or liquor or shopping you can feel them much more acutely. The cleanse has been helpful in that way.

I am no longer young and cute enough to get out of traffic tickets
Twice in one week!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Week in Review

thanks Mrs B
for posting this pic 
from House Beautiful
my subscription just ran out

and to the Tumblr
I got this from
sorry I forgot you
I might be the only person in the world not on Pinterest

in other news

I am
doing a modified Master Cleanse
so I guess
an apprentice cleanse

which is actually really tasty
and coffee
because I have to go to work
and act human

and some raw almonds when I feel like 
killing someone

ps the salt water flush is the
single most effective 
laxative ever
4 lbs flushed
20 more to go

getting ready to say goodbye
to Sherry
she graduates next week
the party is planned
and thankfully hosted 
by the family 
of her BFF
another Chinese exchange student

we will miss her terribly
she brought so much joy and laughter
into our house
in a year we desperately needed it

she heads to UMass next year
after a summer of traveling in China
so we hope to see her in the fall 
and over the American holidays

and finally
doing some soul searching 

after being told by 2 people 
I love dearly
including my 7 year old son
that I always have to be right
and it sucks


Monday, May 21, 2012

Should I?

if you know what I am referring to here
you probably have an opinion

I tend to do things in extremes
and am about this desperate

talk me out of it
or into it

just talk to me


Friday, May 18, 2012

can't wait

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rock hard

do you have any experience with 
concrete countertops?

do they wear well?
can you put hot pans on them?

I like this version
thick square edges
and concrete colored
industrial but still organic

you can polish
and inlay designs
(please don't)
except maybe these ridges 

kinda awesome

I like this chalky black surface too

mmm too shiny?

they can make concrete
look like granite
or even wood
but I think
I like the concrete look

concrete sink too?

why not?

this is a bathroom
but you get the idea
this rock is versatile

(and I know it's not a rock)

way too shiny
but cool door
in the background no?

I was thinking the thicker the edge
the better
until I saw this photo
it can get too thick and heavy looking

so what say you?

I need help

I'm asked to help with a 
loft reno
but I don't know much about 
projects with a decent budget

my countertop is a $88
slab of wood from IKEA


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


lord how I need a getaway




but today it comes only 
in 10 stolen minutes
of quiet reflection



Tuesday, May 8, 2012


please don't 

your $350 could be better spent here


Monday, May 7, 2012


I spent a quick 48 hours in DC

this weekend

taking in monuments to commemorate both 


and war

and a few things became clear

we owe our service men and women
a huge debt

and we need to work harder for peace
so that they can stop paying 
with their lives

we could also use a few more park rangers 
to clean the bathrooms and mow the grass


Thursday, May 3, 2012

no seriously

don't interrupt me
I have 3 free minutes 
and if you talk to me
I'll forget what I'm doing next

the month of May
is insanity around here
take Tuesday for example

the conversation at the breakfast table went something like this

"Sherry, Dave will pick you up after school.
You should get the kids from Karen's when you get home
Mack and Anna you get off the bus and go to Karen's.
Terese will pick you up for hockey Mack
have your stuff by the door at 4:30
Marie will pick Anna up for dance
you have pictures so bring both costumes and a brush 
so she can do your hair
 Daddy will get you from hockey
I will get Anna from dance."

3 carpools
and 2 babysitters later
it went off without a hitch
and after work when I went to pick Anna up
from dance
she was ready

standing there in her t-shirt
and nude tights
and nothing else

and I hid my tears 
at the fact that I was not there
to tell her not 
to leave the house 
without pants

brick house i think no?

pretty pictures 
for putting up with
my whining