Thursday, May 3, 2012

no seriously

don't interrupt me
I have 3 free minutes 
and if you talk to me
I'll forget what I'm doing next

the month of May
is insanity around here
take Tuesday for example

the conversation at the breakfast table went something like this

"Sherry, Dave will pick you up after school.
You should get the kids from Karen's when you get home
Mack and Anna you get off the bus and go to Karen's.
Terese will pick you up for hockey Mack
have your stuff by the door at 4:30
Marie will pick Anna up for dance
you have pictures so bring both costumes and a brush 
so she can do your hair
 Daddy will get you from hockey
I will get Anna from dance."

3 carpools
and 2 babysitters later
it went off without a hitch
and after work when I went to pick Anna up
from dance
she was ready

standing there in her t-shirt
and nude tights
and nothing else

and I hid my tears 
at the fact that I was not there
to tell her not 
to leave the house 
without pants

brick house i think no?

pretty pictures 
for putting up with
my whining


1 comment:

  1. t-shirt and nude tights - perhaps she is a trend setter~