Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even if I say I don't...I do

want chocolate for Valentine's Day.

I think I will have my 5 year old son make these for his class

They look pretty easy and sort of cute, but not too cute, he IS 5 after all.  But I hate those Valentines from Target that have the tatoo or whatever in them.  They take as much time to fold and stuff as homemade cards and they are so flimsy and crappy and small that he can't fit his own name and the name of his classmate on it, in his 5 year old handwriting. 

Update: If your child were to give my child one of the aforementioned Valentines would I think poorly of you?  O contrare mon frare: I would admire the patience (yours or your child's) it takes to put those tiny tattoos in those tiny slots and make those tiny folds and affix with those tiny stickers.  My kid has Mickey Mouse hands, not so dexterous.  Additional kudos for not letting your personal design asthestic get in the way of your  five-year-old's need for Transformers Valentines.

My almost 4 year old daughter will make these:
Red Hearts with Pool Envelopes - Set of 10

From  I have blogged about them before, they are a fave.

What do you want for Valentines Day my Lovelies?


  1. those chocoates will do me just fine. and i totally agree about the target valentines. but i HATE getting something so pretty that i know will be tossed into the trash. so it's the cheap ones for us.

  2. What a cute idea for valentines! I LOVE those round stamps- I bought my mom a stamp for return addresses (from a similar site) for her birthday and she loves it. Plus it makes Christmas cards that much more fun!