Monday, January 18, 2010

I WILL organize my office this month

I think these will help...

Wrap Office Chair
west elm

Anything from Russel and Hazel
Utility Task Clips

Some of these from 
Daily Dot Calendar, Blue, Set of 6

I kinda want these too.  From Maybe I will leave off Monday and Tuesday, wouldn't that be funny.  Think about it for a minute...

Mostly my office would be infinitely better if I vacuumed up the dead box elder bugs.  It has a leaky window you see, and those damn things freak me out, so I do most of my officing from the couch.  Thank God for wifi.


  1. i am organizing my closet now! i don't have an office to organize.

  2. LOVE these ideas...the orange chair! Wish I could be so organized (maybe? maybe not?) with all the office accessories (maybe just for those!)