Saturday, January 30, 2010

Black Chandelier Project

from plush palate

Elle decor Italia via Desire to Inspire

I received an unexpected gift from a neighbor the other day.  She mentioned she had an old chandelier languishing in her basement that she always meant to do something with.  She never got around to it, and so gifted it to me.  I am hoping to turn it into something similar to the ones above.  I like the top one best.  I will probably have to get fake crystals unless one of you has a great source for me online.  I want black ones.  And I hope to paint the body of the piece in a matte black.  I love the round bulbs.  The first step will be to have it rewired.  Right now it looks like this:


  1. score! i like the chandelier in pic 3 (in a sheer drum shade)

  2. i am not a fan of black chandeliers. i think they look like brothel material. although the small scale of yours wouldn't make my eyes weep blood too much.

  3. what a shame to ruin an old piece like this! why don't you sell this one to someone who appreciates its beauty and put the money into one of the modern fake black ones. just my opinion.

  4. I am a big fan o' the black chandelier. Check out the rockin black coral one by Marjorie Skouras at my blog