Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet Lily

This is Lily.  She is approximately 10.  That is to say she wandered into my house 10 years ago and has lived with me ever since.  Cat people tell me she is remarkable because she is orange with orange eyes, and that is rare for a female.

She has been a loyal, if indifferent, companion to me.  To my kids...ummm welll, not so much.  She tolerates them.  She does not like to play, and only wants to be petted on her terms.  When her terms are over, she bites to let you know she is done with you.  She sleeps on the foot of my bed and keeps my feet warm just as a cat should.  She lays on my stomach  when I am laying down and we bond.  Otherwise she kind of keeps to herself.  I am allergic to her, but it doesn't bother me too much.  She is worth the trouble.   I have always been an animal lover.

Here in lies the problem.  I have wanted a dog my whole life.  My mom would never let me get one.  I am now 38.  I would have gotten one long ago, but I had Lily and so, did not.  But kids want one too.  I am thinking let's make it work. I mean that is the American dream right?  A girl, a boy, a cat, and a dog all living together in harmony.

But can they live in harmony?  Can a ten-year-old cat get along with a new puppy?  A teeny tiny Papillon puppy that is so cute you want to keep it in your pocket forever.  The picture of which is on my cell phone (which won't send to an email address because it is ancient).  But trust me, if you saw the puppy, you could not walk away.  The woman at the shelter has me talked into getting two of them.  The mister has put his foot down at one, if that.  (honey, I promise to make it worth your while...)

So Nicholas BB, Paw Paw, J-Kun, Cookie, and all you other cats out there, tell me, can we live happily ever after?  Or am I courting with disaster?

Update!  Found a picture of him online.  I won't say where because he is mine and I don't want you adopting him before I do.


  1. Hmmmm...My only concern would be to keep the dog relegated to one room for a while. It's Lily's house first and then slowly introduce them. That's what we've done when introducing the newbies.

    Frankly my MIL through out her life has a constantly rotating menagerie. If they didn't like each other they just avoided each other.
    Cat's can be very spiteful though, watch out for acting out. Like peeing or pooping outside the box or scratching things. That's got to be nipped in the bud quick.

  2. yes, THL said it...lily's house first. watch out for the random (cat) turds on your bed and do not DOOOO NOT let that dog sleep with you. you will be sorry. lily will let you know how much you suck if you do that.
    and look, i am a cat person, i have 2- a boy and a girl. boy cats are FAR superior to girl cats. end of story. for people who hate cats i always tell them that's because you've only ever encountered girl cats. they are the reason for the stereotype. my point being, i love my girl cat but she is a pain in the ass and whenever we introduce anything new around here from litter to food to sheets, she lets us know about it. usually in the form of poop and/or pee.
    but goddamn if that dog is not the cutest thing i have ever seen. that dog is small enough that lily will probably tolerate it at best and at worst hide under the bed for weeks. good luck.

  3. We brought a 1 year old Dachshund into our home that until then was run by a 15 year old tabby.After a short bit of acting a if her world had caved in, a grudging truce was struck.The bonus? Our aged feline gained a new spring in her step with new blood in the house.Lived to be almost 23. Now our Dachsund Sam is contending with two new kittens we should haved named "stop that',and "get down".