Friday, July 1, 2011

but for the grace of God

it is a small miracle that I am not a crack whore

I have a slightly addictive personality

thank God that no one has ever offered me 
cocaine when I am feeling low
and I can't handle my liquor 
or I'd be a drunk

my current vices include
coffee and my iphone
and nothing else I want to mention here

except typing: rattan
into my craigslist search

you might remember I sold my stroller
and had $150 of craigslist money

and the universe can only be balanced 
if you then buy stuff on craigslist with that money
so I bought that IKEA chair for $25
and the couch.

and this bench for $15

and this cart for $20

she ended up on the porch 
as my gin and tonic cart
and I moved the old one out to the patio
to make gin and tonics out there

and I still got $75 of craigslist money left
but I'm gonna use that on my other addiction:
caribou cold press with white chocolate
it will rock your socks off

peace out


  1. Could be worse... you could have a dirty old rug habit.

    LOVE your new bar cart, and hope you pour an extra g&t out to your fellow craigslist addict.

  2. No coke for you. But rattan? Bring it! These are awesome finds!

  3. bentwood G & T cart for $20? and that bench! fabulous! have a fun weekend!