Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I worry

a friend tells me 
he would like 
a water feature 
in his yard

I worry

they are hard to get right
it takes the right plants and rocks to make them look organic

other wise they end up like below

please no.

do this boulder thing instead

a square one mixed in with your raised garden beds
good idea

a waterless fountain
which would otherwise be pretentious
made more casual by the cascading plants
but you need a big ol house and yard for this

I love the mix of textures here

small, serene, patina
good choice

expensive but awesome
for your modern house
stripey grass is way cool

good god do not

my thoughts: if you got extra cash for your project
if you need to block out street noise
if you really love fountains
then do it

if not
use the money to get bigger plants
on some awesome outdoor furniture
or beer

you're welcome

peace out



  1. tell me about it. my husband has been nursing a waterfall project for 5 years. I have a pit that collects water (mosquitoes) and dead mice. I would actually take a pretentious fountain in its place!

  2. i worry too. the only water feature i want is a pool. or a chocolate fountain.