Sunday, June 26, 2011

$110 dollar to make you holla!

that's my patio
that's a new bamboo couch I got on craigslist
did it cost $110?

but it would have been a good deal if it did

no, $110 is what I netted on craigslist this weekend  homies!
I sold my double stroller for $150
which was decent I thought
since I bought it on eBay for $350
5 years ago

so now I need to figure out how to weatherproof the $40 couch
any ideas?
some day... new cushions with marine grade foam and Sunbrella
for now maybe a clear coat of something
and hauling the cushions inside
and using a big tarp

the patio is slowing coming together
last year it looked like this

 those blocks with the grass between them
were sitting on top of this nastiness
I am pretty proud of how we recycled them

the ugly before

in progress

$0 budget renos take a long time

ps which way do you like the cushions?

peace out


  1. cool!
    i like the cushions solid blue.

  2. cushions solid add some outdoor pillows until you can change the cushions. i don't hate the cushion color now, but with those bright neon chairs it seems like they are competing for attention. so bridge the gap with some pillows. i LOVE the stone squares with the grass growing between. i think it looks inviting and soft. i would drink with you there.

  3. I love the square patio blocks with grass growing in between! I would be so grateful if something other than weeds grew between mine. I like the solid blue cushions...and congrats on a great score! If MFAMB's coming for drinks so am I.

  4. You have such a great patio and I love your newest addition! Square blocks interspersed with grass is so beautiful.

  5. I actually like the flowery side of the cushions! Unless you want to add other pillows to bring the turquoise and yellow together more...