Tuesday, June 14, 2011

yes, please

I need to see the rest of this space

also should I buy this for my patio?

and this? x4? with tropical plants in them

or this?

I had never been to Home Goods before
thought I was too good
you know
too bohemian
more of a thrift store, flea market, craigslist 
kind of girl
even though I live with 20 minutes of 
3 Home Goods Stores

turns out I'm a soccer mom

and I wasn't really into the garden stools
until I saw this brassy one
I kinda like him
but can he go outside?
he'd look good in the porch too

peace out peeps



  1. Yes to everything but the buddha. He looks sad, or mad, or something other than buddha-like.

  2. homegoods usually sucks 2 dicks at the same time. but your finds are not making want to throw up.