Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the next sign of the apocalypse

coolest dorm ever

Pendleton Sunset Stripe Blanket
$249 -

New York City Map Poster
$24 -

Pottery Barn Dorm landed in my mail box last week. 
What's next from the marketing geniuses paper wasters at Williams Sonoma?
 Pottery Barn Retirement Home?  

They should take a note from UO and put a picture of an orgy on their website
Then they'll  hit the college demographic. 

 Or is it my demographic that they are trying for?  I've said before I'm a UO fan. 
 I would put any of this stuff in my house.  

Do your kid a solid and don't send them off to State U with pillow cases to match their lunch box.
  They will thank you later. 
Pinky swear.


  1. I'm pretty sure most 18-year-olds would be embarrassed ad hell to have PB dorm furnishings. Even the ones who carry Vera Bradley backpacks.

  2. ugh Vera Bradley backpacks?what self respecting teenager....

    I know, it's actually aimed at the preteens, it's jut called dorm to make it cool.

  3. maybe they are marketing to people like me who had shitty dorm rooms and want to re-live their impoverished past, by selling them overpriced merch and making them poor again :\