Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's not easy being green

for real it's not

I think green is one of the hardest hues to choose

but I like it

I also like this poem

but I digress

my neighbor who is really good with color

asked me for suggestions
for her bedroom
she's gonna surprise her mister
with a masculine bedroom makeover
I was flattered
and I don't want to f*ck it up
cuz I really like her
and my mister is doing the painting
so I feel double responsible and all

and I'm having trouble finding a masculine green
so I'm pretending this is dark inky green
but I think it might be black
but I'm suggesting dark inky green
and white trim

but whatever green you choose I like it paired with black
and some rustic wood thrown in for good measure

but readers you must have some good ideas
so help a girl out



  1. I love the dark inky saturated greens. So beautiful and difficult to pull off if you're not careful. Yes to the white trim!

  2. just stay far away from "hunter green" -- blech.
    check out benj. moore "salamander" 2050-10

  3. I agree that green is one of the hardest hues to get right--some are too yellow, too blue, too brown, etc. I just bought a quart of benj. moore's "grassy fields" but I'm only painting a door with it, not an entire room or wall. Good Luck!

  4. I think your idea is fabulous. Just stay away from too saturated/dark kelly green and go with a dark-forest green. And definitely do black, always a great combo. Will you show us the result??

  5. i am having a little bit of a green obsession right now.
    thank you.