Friday, July 29, 2011

I don't know what

has me thinking about fall
it could be the piles of back to school catalogs in my mailbox
or the flurry of emails from my principal and athletic director and coaches
or the emails of gorgeous boots in my inbox
but back to school is my favorite shopping season
even more so than Christmas
and I love Christmas
and I need these
jcrew booties

it might be a huge marketing gimmick
but I don't care
these shoes are comfortable
and cute

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is over in 2 days
these boots are on sale now
and then the price goes back up
so if you have a cousin who works at Nordstrom shoe department
and are celebrating your 10th anniversary in 2 weeks
and need ideas
I suggest these in brown size 9
please and thank you

and I haven't even shown you the school supplies

I have always loved school supplies

is that weird?


1 comment:

  1. could those boots be any more cool???
    i love them. and yes, fall shopping season is my favorite too.
    that is, if i ever get to shop again in my life.