Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Get Sh!t Done Day

After rearranging the furniture a month ago, 
I was lamenting the loss of my sofa table.
Then the mister had a brilliant idea.

Remember when we found this by the side of the road?

He removed the top, ripped it in half,
sanded the hell out it
 put a coat of poly on it
sanded and sprayed the legs and reattched them
in a new configuration.
I love the results.

While he was busy with that 
I played around with food coloring and cake batter.
I'm practicing to make this
for the 5th birthday party I'm planning.
And while the kids were unattended...

 captain backwards underpants


  1. The table looks amazing. Great job! Love captain

  2. Captain underpants is awesome!

    And wow, what a find... beside the road?! All I ever see beside the road are nasty mildewed couches and the like. Ew.