Thursday, January 13, 2011

I know you

Me: I want to rearrange the furniture

Him: eye rolling and a sigh

Me: (defensive now) What?

Him: We can't afford it

Me: Just rearrange, not buy anything new

Him: I know you.

Well played sir.

So now that it is rearranged, I think this console from BluDot would be perfect behind the couch.

It also comes in slate.  I like.

Our old console is now holds the television.

The old entertainment center was disassembled and the bookshelves used in the basement,
the rest went into storage.

I'll show you some photos soon.  It is a temporary arrangement as we 
plan to build a window seat when time and budget allows.

Here are some other console options. 
 (that I won't be buying but it is fun to look)



West Elm

Also West Elm. This is actually my favorite, 
but my sofa is only 30"
so at 36" this one is too tall.

Any favorites?

When you rearrange one room does it snowball into 4 others like at my house?


  1. You are funny. Now I think I need the mirrored console table. But I have no room for it anywhere. I have a tiny problem with buying too much furniture.

  2. yes. it does. although thankfully there are very few rearranging options in my shoebox of a house.