Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Merry Imperfect Christmas

 I don't have a fireplace so I decorate the Ikea entertainment center
(and like always photograph stuff in the dark with my phone)

The stockings hang in the hallway on an old ski with hooks.

Do you have any weird traditions?

I get my kids each a snow globe every year.

A friend of mine saves all her Christmas cards to open on Christmas day

Another gets her mister to shop and wrap gifts with her
by wearing lingerie (during the wrapping part)

I listen nonstop to the sound track
from Charlie Brown Christmas
it's really the only Christmas music you need.

Actually, I  have a big Christmas play list,
and one of my other recent favorites is
Donde Esta Santa Claus by Guster.

I have a Charlie Brownish tree by my front door, 
and a card I got years ago from my aunt 
in a pretty frame.
She gave me that too.

So tell me something good, any weird traditions?  Great holiday songs?


  1. A hearty Chinese dinner out. ;)

    Hope you and the little Appples have a Very Merry!

  2. No such thing as oversharing.