Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Outfit $30 done. This time with text!

Cascade earring | Banana Republic
$45 -

Ok this might seem  confusing, but all I bought was the skirt at 60% off.  The other items I already owned.  I always rush around getting the holiday shopping done only to find that I have nothing to wear to parties and holiday get-togethers.  I shop my closet as much as possible but you can't wear the same red dress in every Christmas picture and sometimes guest lists overlap.  So this is what I will be wearing when I grind my hips at my bff's party on Saturday, and when I sip Bailey's and coffee with my grandma on Christmas Eve, and when I go out on the town with my long lost friend visiting over New Year's.  The other parties= last year's red dress.


  1. Cute. Adorable. Hip, er hips.

  2. I will take it off inside Steph I promise.

  3. My husband would say that the only way that outfit would look better is rolled up in a ball at the end of the bed! Tee hee.

    You wear it girl!