Friday, December 3, 2010

Go big or go home

It's snowing here.  hard.  I'm hoping for 8 or more inches.
do you know how to make these?
some good instructions here.

They would be pretty hung en masse somewhere in front of a window.

I don't have the patience or time for that, but perhaps you do


  1. Gasp! Could you handle 8 inches?!

  2. I've seen about "8 inches" of these hanging in front of a window and it looked so magical (cut out paper snowflakes...not the real ones)

  3. It would be heavy lifting. Remember, lift with your knees not with your back.

  4. Appletree, did you ever get your 8 inches?

    Its sunny and 85 here. No snow.

    tee hee.