Monday, December 13, 2010

Things that make me cry

Somewhere somehow, some numbers got transposed, and I ended up on Santa's nice list.

I knew it last Tuesday when an angel at the phone store replaced my phone for free even though washing it in the wash machine is not covered under warranty, and I was not eligible for an upgrade. I nearly hugged him, and I did get teary.

I was all out bawling on Friday when a lovely woman I work with delivered the doll my daughter asked Santa for.  She got wind that I was contemplating passing off a Target doll as an American Girl and thought me crazy.  She is also a fan of young kids, knows my husband is unemployed, and is just an all around saint.
It happened a 3rd time on Friday night when my neighbor offered up 4 (yes 4!)  free tickets to the Vikings game.  Making my son the happiest (and therefore me)  person on earth.

That actually didn't work out so well, but whatever.
So now I'm trying really hard to be good and stay on this list.


  1. Life is wonderful sometimes, and people can be so kind.I have found more kindness when I was going through hard times than I ever expected.There are angels around, I am certain.

  2. Awww, the new phone and the doll for your daughter - those would have made me cry too. How wonderful!

    Not so much with the game... sorry about that! I guess you guys aren't packing up and going to Detroit to see it??? LOL!
    But that roof collapse was scary awesome and amazing! That snow covered more than half of the field. I can't even imagine.
    And here I was thinking it was cold here today.

    Thank you again for the sweet thoughts - it really did/does perk me up to get the comments. I think the hardest part of it all was seeing my husband grieve, and not being able to do anything about it. So, I've been really working hard to keep things upbeat around our house for the last month.