Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday + Happy Endings

The Appletrees have turned into the Crabby Appletons, 

so we are making a concerted effort to be more happy.

Sorta sad when you have to try.  But whatever.

This space makes me happy.

We made some rules.  No more Military Channel documentaries.

Only funny movies.  Happy Endings.

Less TV and more fresh air.  Even if that air is 7 degrees.
Happy Sledding.

More chocolate chip cookies.  Happy eating.

Today I used a gift card I received for Christmas to get a massage 
with a happy ending.


But I was happy anyway.

What makes you happy today?


  1. hanging out with my dog (i know i sound like broken record)

  2. I don't think this sounds crazy at all... I need to focus on being happy more often myself. It's easy to be kind of down in the dumps this time of year.

    BTW - those cookies look awesome, but are only making me hungry - not happy! In fact, they're kind of pissing me off just a little because they're not real.

  3. i am here for you when you see that nothing good can come all the time happiness...

  4. thanks Jenny. We don't need all the time. But we need some!

    Rachel: get yourself to a bakery pronto.