Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How smart are you?

How dumb am I?  

I like that song and need advice.

Construction may soon begin on our long awaited window seat.

I found this photo at AT, and it gave me an idea that I thought might save some dough.

The expensive part of building the seat is not the lumber (we have a garage full of that)
 but the upholstery.
The fabric and foam and paying someone to actually make the bottom cushion.

But what if the top was done in really nice natural wood? 
With a pretty, fluffy flokati on top?

Or would that be lame? And hard and uncomfortable and probably just as expensive?


  1. I always love wood. And how about a sheepskin? Ikea has them for so cheap, plus they are soft and easy to clean.

  2. Love these cushions..very relaxing space.FAB Idea too.

  3. I like the idea, but I would use either sheepskin (as mentioned above) or a shag rug. A Flokati won't be as fluffy/dense and soft as a sheepskin or shag. If you get a piece of carpet, though, be sure to get a non-skid pad for underneath. You won't need one for the sheepskin.