Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The next project for the mister

Perhaps you saw this photo on the Visual Vamp when I won the Amanda Talley giveaway.  This is my living room.  The painting will replace those candles, I cannot wait.  But let's pan over a little to the right shall we?

A little further...

There.  This is what we call the nook.  It is a hideous little indentation in my living room.  If you sit on one of those cheap Target chairs you cannot see the person sitting on the end of the couch by my new Amanda Talley painting.  (soon to come, of course I will post a pic when it gets here)

Additionally, the ceiling in the nook is tile.  The kind you find in an old classroom.  Bad, bad, very bad.  Furthermore the seals on the glass have been compromised, and so the window is  foggy.  Fugly.  All things I thought we would replace pronto when we moved in.  Guess what, 2.5 years later....right, not changed.  So here is what I am thinking.  I have eased the mister into wallpaper.  He did pretty well.  I want to paper the nook.  The ugly tiles and all. It won't take much paper so I could get some good stuff.   And then, wait for it....I am thinking window seat.
image borrowed from Ally at From the Right Bank

I can't fit a couch there anyway, and those chairs are sorry and should be put out of their misery. (with some sunbrella fabric for my porch).  I love how this seat extends beyond the window and has a built in place for a lamp.  I also like how the window frame is painted black here.  Can you paint just one window frame black when the rest of the woodwork is white?  Seriously, I am asking, can you?

Let's review:  Amanda Talley painting, on it's way.
                   Target chairs = bad.
                   Window seats make me happy.
                   Wallpaper for a nook , good idea or bad?
                   Black trim on window, pros and cons.



  1. 1-i love that built in. the extra real estate for the lamp/book/cup of tea is genius. go for it.
    2-i'm not sure about the wallpaper, especially on the ceiling tile (actually i don't exactly know what you mean by classroom ceiling tile)
    3-black window frame vs. white in the rest of the room. why not? it will make the area a feature and I think the space is recessed enough away from the room to make it a distinct space in and of itself. i would just try to repeat a black element in the room to tie the two areas together. i think they do it in the pic above in the lamp and striped chair fabric
    4-i would do some fab drapes also, maybe in lieu of the wallpaper actually
    5-post the pics when you're done and give the hubs lots of lovin' for the work. :)

  2. Go for it sister... I think that the window seat idea is stellar and the right wallpaper could really pop that space. I wouldn't do the paper, though, if you're going with big impact drapes.

  3. i know what you mean by ceiling tile. horrible stuff. have you thought about some cheap beadboard up there? cut to size? you could paint it anything. and i am pretty sure i have beadboard on the ceiling in my kitchen. it looks great.
    the wallpaper in the nook would be great. and i LOVE black painted window frames but only if all the room's windows are painted that way.

  4. i realize it says "i am pretty sure i have beadboard on the ceiling in my kitchen" i started typing something else and it got all fucked up. i am certain i have it on my ceiling.

  5. too funny, we replaced the awful tiles in our kitchen with beadboard on the ceiling. That WAS the first thing we did when we moved in.

  6. oh and boops I have a black chair with white piping right next to the nook, similar to the photo.

  7. Yes - beadboard on the ceiling!! And wallpaper!! And I say try painting it black and see how you like it. As annoying as it may be to do, you can always paint it back white if it looks bad.

    I love window seats! I am totally jealous - I have always wanted one, and that looks like the most perfect place for one.