Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seriously people, call me

This is the Carlyle.  A newish luxury high rise in downtown Minneapolis.  Downtown is a happening place to live right now.  (Not shop, but that is for another post).  A new Twins stadium, vibrant night life, a new Guthrie theater, many farmers markets, lots of new lofts along the river, yuppies and empty nesters alike are flocking.

The view from the 38th floor is gorgeous no?  This condo will run you $2.5 million.  So do you think they could hire a decent photog, get themselves a nice table, maybe spring for some flowers?

Now I am no realtor, but folks we are selling the view here, don't block it with crap from Corts.  I know someone who could get you better stuff off Craigslist for $25 (wink).

Really?  I mean are you serious? I could do better with the camera on my crappy flip phone.  And the rental furniture is super Holiday Inn lobby.  We really could do better by going to a garage sale, IKEA (which I don't mean to knock I really like it) or craigslist.  Call me.  I can make it look hot.  For cheap.  Instead of cheap for $2.5 mil.

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