Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I don't decorate for Easter...

Unless I am hosting.  Which I am not.  But if I was, I like these.  Do you decorate for Easter?


  1. I don't decorate for Easter, either. I like some spring time touches here and there, but definitely no eggs or bunnies. However, I'm digging the all green basket. I'd eat the chocolate bunny, though, so it didn't distract from the beauty of the basket. Little sacrifices.

  2. i decorate the inside of my stomach with chocolate and reesey egs and egg shaped malt chocolates and jelly beans and peeps...
    easter candy is far and away the best holiday for candy.

  3. no, but i do o/d on jelly beans. love the greens in pic #2

  4. Nope - not at all. Maybe if I had kids. But more than likely I'd decorate with some pretty flowers and call it a day.

    I'm more of a Christmas-decorating type of girl! ;-)

    Have a great weekend!!