Sunday, March 7, 2010

Avoid brain tumors

rotary phone by Casa de Dogpoop.
Awesome Two-toned rotary phone by jerkytourniquet.
1954 Western Electric Two-Tone - Ivory & Black Rotary Dial Phone by Mr 500.
Orange Rotary Phone by redgiantsfan.
"New" Phone by Lotus Lulu.
Crosley 302 Red Wall Phone (CR55-RE)
DSC_3050 by Marcus76.


  1. i hated rotary phones. but i do have fond memories of my mom on one for hours at a time to a friend, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

  2. the orange one is yumminess.

  3. I still have a landline and yep, I still have a rotary phone - it's just plain black. And, no, I am 102! I just love having a landline. I do have a cell phone that is tucked away and is only used for emergencies (I don't give that number out). I live in a different country than my family, so a good long distance plan on a cell phone doesn't even come close to a good long distance plan on my landline.

  4. such nostalgia... things were simpler then. Or maybe i was only a child.