Friday, March 19, 2010

I can help you

If the outside of your home looks like this:
And your view of beautiful Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis looks like this:

And you are selling it for $2,795,000, don't let the inside look like this:
or this:
I could help you out.  Let's go shopping. We will style this place up a little.  The tray on the bed is classic stager fare and it is fugly.  This why people use "staged" as a derogatory term. You embarrass me.


  1. oh my god! what gives? it looks like the interior got a lobotomy

  2. totes. that shit happens all the time. it's like a disease.

  3. What are they thinking with that fireplace???

    Tray on bed with (probably) fake food?? Stupid.

    I'm helping some people who are staging their $4mil house in Westlake. Ahhhh.... just to have their staging budget for my house!!!

  4. so so so true. i would hire you in a heartbeat!

  5. I never understood the "tray on the bed" thing....
    really, never.

    it's like having a vase of flowers on your coffee table that is so dang high no one in the world can see over it. what up.