Thursday, February 3, 2011

It started out good

 With this all neutral house holding hot pink surprises in each room.

But then the March 2011 issue of House Beautiful got weird on me.

The kitchen of the month?
Themey country kitchen with 4 kinds of tile.

The bath of the month?
More themey weirdness including inlaid tile bath mats
that read monsieur and madame.
in Dallas.
very Real Housewives.

The kicker?
"You've done the living room in acres of salmon-pink [quilted!] chintz.
It strikes me as an endearingly nostalgic gesture.  Or is it just plain daring?"

or just plain fugly.

sorry no online photos of those nightmares.

but then it ended nicely again with a cute Ruthie Sommers house

what did you think?

I was confused.


  1. Hehehe,

    Didn't look as closely as you did, but yes, I generally smell a rat these days with shelter pubs across the board. And cutesy mosaics are a no-no, if you axe me ;)

  2. I liked it much better, overall, than the Elle Decor I bought the same day.

  3. I am totally in awe with these images.
    I love keeping it simple yet elegant and I love how you still include prints and color scheme of your interior post.

  4. Poops, I don't have my issue yet.

    And - wow - those Hicksian pendants are EVERYWHERE.

  5. I need pictures since I don't subscribe...

    No more Hicks pendants. Wow.

  6. Agreed on the four tile kitchen. I loved the brick floor, but then they tried to mix it up TOO too much w/ mosaic tile, subway, etc. One tile, please!
    Yes, above poster, I am tired of the Hicks pendant, too. It seemed to be in every issue of every magazine this month. Product placement.