Saturday, February 5, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

but that is probably months away
so I'll settle for some new art

they really make the perfect subject

decor demon
even just as the subject of a photo

Taliah Lemper

At Republic Bikes, the bike itself is art 
and you design it yourself.

I could spend all day customizing bikes there.
It's a fun way to experiment with color.
design is design.


  1. That would be awesome to design your own bike! In college my friends and I used to ride our bikes all over at night after a big snowstorm (and maybe a few drinks) because there were no cars anywhere and you could crash in the snow without feeling a thing! It was like falling into a huge pile of feathers! A great stress reliever!

  2. Around here people are always out biking on the trails. Better get out there!