Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks for your vote!

apartment therapy

I have enjoyed my term as mayor of crazytown.
I am ready to hand over the reigns.

apartment therapy

I will be seeking a higher office
so let me highlight some of my accomplishments as mayor:
these have nothing to do with the photos in the post btw
forgot pajama day at preschool
forgot field trip day at kindergarten
forgot valentines for dance class
forgot to put my car in park
with child in it
(car and child unharmed)
let's not talk about the table saw in it's path
called numerous athletes by the wrong name
didn't recognize Jack's mom from hockey in new setting
still don't know her name
cleaned up 20 vomit stains from dog and/or cat
still don't know what made them both vomit so much
applied for a job teaching Catholic school
What? Iknowright?!
More on that later.

That about sums it up.

wait, does that say booger?

oh, the higher office I am seeking?

Senator of the Sh!tshow

wish me luck


  1. Wow, thanks for that, now I don't feel so bad for almost mixing up Go Texan Day and PK4 Valentine's party tomorrow.
    Can you imagine? Little cowboy sans Valentines tomorrow and little heart-holder without a holster on Friday -- Oy, it could've gotten ugly.
    Though in truth, your days sounds downright worse...sorry ;)
    But thanks for all the lovely eye candy.
    And btw, it happens to all of us.
    I forgot pj-day last year and my son has yet to let me live it down.

  2. I have become Ninja-like with my moves blocking the shit as it flies at me after hitting the fan.
    I could be your co-senator.
    I don't know the hockey coach's wife's name...their son is on the team too. I feel like such an ass every time I see her and say, "HI!"

  3. You'll have to run against me for the post!