Wednesday, February 23, 2011


we got the letter from school today
I knew it would be coming
I had seen the garbage bags hanging outside other classrooms

but now someone in his class has it
not him
but someone

I volunteered in his class today
I brought my daughter too

my head itches

grace jones. wow.

what happened 2U?

I have tried celebrity hair styles before.
The "Rachel" of course
And an ill advised attempt  at Halle Barry's pixie in college

this is a little more extreme
but if there is lice in my house 
I will do it

my hair is impossibly thick
like not in a good way

I could never trust the mister to nit pick it
and find them all

I would never sleep 
this is the only way

ok wait, we don't have it yet.
is it wrong to keep your kindergartner home from school to prevent lice?


  1. Oh, so sorry.
    We've had a go round or two with lice.
    It's not as bad as it seems -- THANK GOD there is modern bug killer available. RID works.

  2. Not at all wrong.

    My daughter brought whipworm home from daycare (when we lived overseas). All if us got it and I was royally pissed.

  3. Ha! Everyone's kid gets it but no one talks about it. You are so funny.
    Mary Ann

  4. It's the pits. I recommend a lice comb. It works best.