Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18 inches

that is a parking meter

18 inches of new snow on Sunday killed my spring fever.

he is the black dot in the center

Made my dog happy

as per ususal all photos are taken with my iphone3G

Made me notice my neighbors pretty cobalt door

Also made me notice that my other neighbors sidewalk bricks match her shutters
you probably can't see that
And her stones match the siding
She's good like that with color

my inspiration photo again, I post it all the time sorry

It also made me realize that white is the best backdrop 
and I do indeed want to paint my living room all white

It was a productive walk.


  1. While I am sure that you are quite sick of snow, these photo's are quite beautiful to me (raised in Missouri but living in Florida since 2002 and have only seen one snow since 2002). Stay warm and safe.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  2. Its really beautiful... bothersome, I know... but beautiful!

  3. The snow makes everything look better! Especially while it is still coming down! Enjoy it - we didn't get much this week.