Thursday, November 25, 2010


While this has not been the best year at the Appltree house, we really only have, 
as Raina so aptly puts it, "White People Problems"
There are no bombs dropping on my neighborhood, we have a warm home, 
cars that work, toilets that flush, and liquor stores nearby.
So I am thankful

for her
and him

and also in no particular order for

smart wool socks
my babysitter: who lovingly takes my kids whenever they show up 
and who understands that when they don't we can't afford to send them 
my SIL: who listens to me whine
my BFF:who also listens to me whine and who is a chiropractor and 
and treats me for free in exchange for household projects
done by my handy husband
my handy husband:who helps out my bff because I ask him too
bread: I try, but I can't live without you
my mom
lip balm
compression fabric
bubbly water
magic treehouse books: which have both my kids 
snuggled up on either side
begging me to read more
my grandparents
my brother and my dad:who both have houses on a lake and let me hang out there
my neighbors

Have Peace


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you and your fam. hugs

  2. So so lovely.

    May the Turkey Fairy grant your every wish today.

    P.S. Thanks for the link love, Babe.