Saturday, November 27, 2010

I was thinking plaid

For the main paper in my gift wrap color scheme this year

but I didn't see the exact colors I wanted

then I saw this and thought, gold and red, perfect, elegant. 

then I saw this and thought, it's more me.  Casual and poppy.

then I saw this thought I'm in love, this one, it has to be

but wait,  then I thought red and white is classic

then I thought, I'm thinking way too much about this, I better get back to work.

also I have a closet full of wrapping paper, I can make something work from that,

but these pretty papers are available to you at the Container Store

also I found some really cool vintage paper on eBay.


  1. i like the red faux bois and the gold white red berry combo

  2. Those bold stripes are the ones that speak to me!!

  3. ...and then someone will give you a gift wrapped in some non-coordinating color and you'll be at wits end :) or just hide it in the closet.

  4. you can always re-wrap uncoordinated presents :P