Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dark Again

It's about to get real dark here in North American with the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Or is it the beginning of it?  I get confused.  Dumb concept anyway.  

The darkness makes me sad, but this place makes me happy.  I could mope around here all winter.  I think the floor to ceiling windows and all that natural light make it OK to go dark here, but it would not work at my house or yours.  So don't go completely dark.  Completely dark is sad.  You have to have a little light in your life somewhere.

And how about that sexy couch.  

perfect for...


  1. Sometimes you just have to sit with the darkness, embrace the darkness and simply enjoy the few moments when it is light.

  2. Love it! I painted my bedroom a similar shade. Best sleeping ever.

  3. I totally love the feeling of this house. And yes, that couch is fabulous.

  4. perfect for huminna -hah. that's chipmunk for sexy time. :)