Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You make me feel like

I'm living a teenage dream.  Love this room, love this song, love that feeling.
Wouldn't you have died for a room like this when you were a teenager?


  1. only if it included Kevin P. (high school crush--major)

  2. I liked my target comforter and plactic wall prints of teddy bears from a garage sale. ha ha. I do remember sleeping till noon though, how the hell did I do that???

  3. Hell yes!!
    It looks kind of like a tree house!

    I remember I started out with a pink-washed walls and a teal comforter, and I had created my own valance with a pink sheet and those rings that made rosettes or "poufs" on either side (remember those??). I was very proud of the valance (LOL!). Then I went all dark hunter green with accents of straw color and maroon. I loved the dark green - it was very moody, just like I was at that time! ;-)

    I often wish I still had my own room. I've threatened to kick Chris to the guest room a few times....