Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day off

I will be spending my day off at my villa in Malta.

Check that, I will be spending my day off doing laundry, cleaning the house, buying groceries, walking the dog, and trying to soak up the last few days of my kid before he goes off to kindergarden.

What kind of floors are those anyway? And how many staff members does it take to get them to look like that?

Lots more drool worthy homes here.


  1. I'd like to amend my previously whiny tone. I just finished walking the dog and the weather was gorgeous, my town is beautiful, my kids were excited to see me when I got home and my husband was folding laundry. I am truly blessed to have a job that I usually enjoy and a house that needs cleaning. Also, my dog did not try to dislocate my shoulder today, so life is good.

  2. just found your blog -- i'm loving it!
    i have no idea what that floor is made of.

  3. LOL!! I will try and be as grateful when I'm cleaning my house! But you are so right about this, we should be grateful for these things.

    Hope your day off is going perfectly.

    And I think that the floor looks like glass. I'm sure it takes quite a few people to keep it looking that clean!

  4. No floors this clean in Arizona!