Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cottages in Cottagewood

On the steps of the Cottagewood General Store, literally steps from the trail I ride every week.  I didn't know it was here until today.

Inside was adorable, I felt like I was on Martha's Vineyard

Lots of goodies to choose from and in the back, that is the cooler. Cool. They also have ice cream and espresso,  of course.

Anna had a rock candy sucker.

The patio was lovely

And cozy spots to sit inside as well

Across the street, I fell in love with this house

And this one, it had a tuck under garage, I love those, and pretty red porch chairs.   Sorry about the photos, I wasn't planning on photo journaling, just a quick ride around the neighborhood, the Mister had his iPhone in his pocket so I confiscated it.  This was all a 10 minute ride from my house and seconds from the trail I have ridden a million times, but it felt like a step back in time. So without writing a cliche about getting off the beaten path...
I didn't get much housework done today.

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  1. Shhhhhh..... Me and the hubby love getting ice cream there. It's like a different city. Who knew?!