Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfection in South Minneapolis

There is controversy in the old south Minneapolis neighborhoods when people tear down an existing home and build a McMansion that does not fit with the neighborhood.  This remodel doubled the size of the home, but kept the style of the neighborhood well.  They also have a double lot so it doesn't look like a monster house compared to it's neighbors as the tear downs often do.

I might also add that people who live in Minneapolis or St. Paul proper, like to brag about how urban they are.  I did it when I lived there. I swore I would never move to a suburb. In reality, unless you live right downtown, all of Minneapolis is like a big leafy suburb compared to most cities.
Having kids changes a lot of things, especially if you can't afford a private school education.  And for the record, I live in a small town, not a suburb, and I walk most places here.
Love you not so yellow couch and perfect rug.

Love you too, not so yellow dining room and gold buffet table.

Hellloooo black cabinets and bamboo stools, you would be lovely in my kitchen.
Does that happen in other metro areas?  Are you less cool for living in a suburb?
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