Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Roll Another....table

I am loving this rolling table from West Elm.  Look you can just roll the food right up to your mouth and shovel it in.  It is on sale for $139.  I actually love this whole set-up.

I am laying the pavers for the patio this weekend.  And by I, I mean the mister.  I will be frolicking with my four favorite kids.  And by frolicking, I mean, getting popsicles, getting drinks, finding toys, breaking up arguments, and feeding meals.

The pavers  are 16 x 16 and will have grass or moss or some sort of perennial green stuff growing between them.  We recycled them from the old patio where they laid with an ugly brick pattern stamped on them side by side.  By flipping them over, spreading them out, and planting something between them I hope to achieve a look like this or this.

So with the pavers having grass between them, I am thinking the rolling table will not work.  No matter, I mentioned before, the budget for this phase is tapped.  We will be painting the old adirondacks and picnic table for now.


  1. i need to send you a partnership for a drug-free america brochure (re: post title)?

    i love this idea...please post pics-i think a table on wheels may be able to move across the pavers as long as not all the wheels don't get on the grass at the same time-i think....

  2. I always wondered where people found those nice large pavers. Menard's only has the brick pattern ones. I didn't really think about flipping them over, which makes me feel dumb.