Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow

You could pretend to buy this for your kids, and when when you want to get away from your family, you go there and hide.  Read a book, or... You'd only need $2,705 more dollars after the giveaway.  Enter here.

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  1. Hello! Wow, got your email when I landed in Minneapolis! So fun to go get the mag and see ME! Thanks for the alert. I always love finding other Minnesota bloggers....always seems a bit lonely here! You must live very close to me if you were at the Cottagewood Store....I am on Linwood in Cottagewood and have just lived here over two years - we moved from the east coast and felt lucky to find this neighborhood! Would love to chat more - your staging business sounds interesting. Thanks for visiting me!!! BTW - your kids are cuties!