Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I laughed, I cried, I felt something tingly downstairs...

The Kids Are All Right.  I thought it was the best movie of the summer. Granted, the only other movie I saw was Toy Story 3.  So consider that.  This is a photo of ultra hipster, organic farmer/restauranteur, and super sexy Mark Rufffalo's California home.  Note the kilim rug on the back of the couch, the Danish mix matched chairs around the table, the cool + warm color palette, his thick black curls with just the slightest hint of gray on them...

The lesbians house was also nice, a little more catalogy, whatever.  

Not too exciting.  There were lots of great lamps everywhere in the film.  And plenty of sex, good dialogue, laughs, and I cried when Joni went to college.  Side note, I also cried in Toys Story 3 when Andy went to college... so consider that.

They had really cool counter stools which I could not find a picture of, and a natural wood tub surround that I am commissioning the mister to build right now.

Julianne Moore was sexy in a real person kind of way.  I thought it was weird that a lesbian would have an affair with a man, but if anyone could turn a girl straight, it would be Mark Ruffalo in this movie.

She was sexy in a super model kind of way.

He was sexy on his moto.  

Best line of the film, "Fair enough, hairy muff."

It wasn't a movie about sex though.  I think it was about white people, marriage being hard, sexuality being fluid, and general family life.  

What did you think of it?


  1. we were late tonight but were planning to see it...I want too. I love your review...and have you seen The Ruffalos' real home?

  2. Did not even see it but intrigued by your review!

  3. I liked it too - Mark Ruffalo is my big celebrity crush. He was a little more styled and hipster in the movie than I would have liked. I like the nerdy Mark Ruffalo. His house was great, but his bedroom was the worst. I couldn't focus on anything but how sad and depressing it was - like a teenage boy's room - although it was probably a conscious decision and realistic for his character...the room made me uncomfortable in the same way the relationship was uncomfortable. The movie wasn't quite what I wanted or thought it would be, but I liked it. Did you see Laurel Canyon? Great set too.