Monday, May 3, 2010

They Go With Everything

Beachy, modern bedroom: Stripes + wood + white by xJavierx.

Paul Costello, Domino 2005

gasl_rugs_12 by decorno.
From Domino via Decorno

Little Green Notebook
And of course this one from Lonny.I love bamboo shades.  I think they could work almost anywhere.  Tell me I am wrong. I dare you.

Martha uses them too.  So you should.


  1. I love bamboo and natural shades!!! I think they were a trend that became classic. Such a great look, and so affordable for everyone.

    And they look fab painted!! ;-)

  2. yeah! i need to get me a couple, two three four of them for my pad. ugh too many chores, too little time, too little sleep!

  3. I love that super dark shade. SO cool!

  4. Thanks for reminding me about that good old designer basic - the bamboo blind! I have a couple in the store room and will bring them out to hang in the beach house asap.