Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project Day

Mack always wear his hard hat when he helps Daddy with projects.

The big reveal!   I really like them.

In this photo, they look a little too small for the space, but in real life, they look awesome.
Thanks Amanda and  Valorie!


  1. congratulations! having original artwork (rather than store-bought, mass produced stuff) is such a highlight in any space. they do look a bit small in the photo. since there are not framed, is there any way you can draw more attention to them? maybe a shallow console just below? or a painted area on the wall just behind them in a different color to highlight the spot and make it more of a feature? re: the artwork itself, i think the curvilinear patterns in the work compliment the other patterns and shapes in the room very well. (do i see a canadiens cap?!?! i knew you were my peeps!)

  2. We ARE a hockey house. Jon loves those Habs!

    I agree, with you. It needs something. I like the color block idea. That is my couch below it, so a console is really not posbible.

  3. fab. funny, i thought they were much bigger.

  4. They are 8x10 each. They do look bigger in real life, I promise.