Monday, May 24, 2010

At my house today

We are looking at annuals at one of my favorite places, the Tonkadale Garden shop.

There were so many choices, I got overwhelmed and left with nothing or I could have spent $500.

Now we are hanging in the shade as it is almost 90 degrees.

ok truth in blogging, this was yesterday.  today I am at working (blogging.)


  1. i get overwhelmed at the nursery too. Your children are stunning! So gorgeous. I LOVE the madras shorts.

  2. I can imagine that all of those plants and flowers must be very overwhelming! They look so lovely all together, don't they?

    Looks like fun at your house - nice big muscles there - cute!

    Thanks for joining in this week with 'at my house'. Lou.

  3. too is overwhelming at those garden shops. I often have left so I could "think".

  4. today is going to be a hot one for us....wish i was under a shady tree somewhere....